Monday, May 16, 2005


"hmm.. I wonder.. are u.. or are u not.."..

Well let's just say.. that I could be..
Let's leave at that.. um.. ahm.... [thank u]


Well let's start off by loading off some random thoughts oughta my head, that have been wondering about in there for like a week now, and are desperate to escape..

- Whether u are or not.. I really don't care and u shouldn't care either so please just don't ask.. cause I most certainly won't respond..and if I do.. believe me u won't like what u'll hear, and trust me it won't be if 'I am' or 'not'. =)

- Please people take in mine that when I'm dancing.. I do not like to be interrupted.. ESPECIALLY if it's for a FALSE ALARM!!!!!!!!!!! [HOT STUFF] [man.. I got all happy.. shiiit.. te pasaste mister.. te]

- Let it be the last time.. that when I order a meal.. u bring me the wrong thing.. arpphhh.. boy how that pisses me off.. man they should fire ur dumb ass over there at KFC.. stupid chicken head.. [yeah i know u readin..]

- When I'm sleeping.. don't ever wake me up if no one's dying or if the world is not coming to an end [and think twice about the somebody dying, cause his ass is already dead].. cause it's really hard for me to fall asleep and if u wake me up for some hidious thing like "oh let's order something that's NOT chicken".. I will get pissed and try to kill u.. so please.. take this in mind.. and don't do it.. for god's sake and mine.. please.. just don't do it.. =).. leave a note if u want.. but don't do it..

- If u see a lady.. or a guy.. but especially a lady.. in the bathroom and the door has a hole through which u could peek.. and she's peeing.. please.. PLEASE.. DO NOT PEEK!!!.. MY GOD.. have some decency and let her pee in peace.. [sighs]..MARCO!!! [I LOVE U.. I looove u..U PERVE!!..]

- A car has many uses.. and one of them.. well the main.. is for transporting.. no matter how full or uncofterable it gets.. as long as u can get it on... it's all goood.. I matter how uncofterable or crowded it gets.. [and while ur at it dance.. why the hell not.. I mean ur already in there.. nobody's watching.. just a little group of people by the side.. with hardly enough air space.. but why the hell not... I mean... who cares.. right?!]

-If ur not gay and u wear a tight black t-shirt at night.. u could be confused.. so keep that in mind next time u think about wearing that.. seriously..

- If u see from afar a pair of bodies.. together.. with weird movements from afar.. don't go near by.. u could damage ur eyes.. and see things that u don't want to.. also.. if are ever thinking of going near.. make sounds.. so they could be aware.. and no one gets hurt.. =)

- Remember to when u walk out of a room to turn off the light.. especially when people are sleeping.. that's bad u know..

- If u love someone tell them.. no matter how ridiculous u look doing so.. just tell them.. and if they laugh.. then u'll know that it was worth it..

- Socks are made to go on ur feet not on ur head or hands or anywhere else for that matter.. so if u think that it's cool to wear things that go on ur feet on other parts of ur body and try and make a fashion statement.. well let me tell u, ur wrong.. i mean u will make a fasion statement but just not cool...

- If ur horny and u need to get some.. don't hesistate to call me... [1800-PLEASE MYSELF].. OPENED 24 HOURS.. =)

- Just because I don't show it.. doesn't mean I don't love u... I mean I may be a bitch sometimes.. but believe me.. deep inside.. real deep inside.. I do.. and I care.. ;)..

- If u call and I say I'll call u back.. please wait until I do so.. even if it lasts a week.. cause that means I'm not prepared for u yet.. so please don't start calling every five minutes.. cause I will get pissed and not call at all.. thanks..

- "Life's a bitch.. deal with it".. it sure is.. and "don't worry it's much brighter on the other side".. "u'll find ur rainbow".. well I've been on both sides and I still don't see the brightness.. I mean I see the white light.. it sure is clear and bright.. but I don't see the fucking rainbow.. wherever it is...

- "Vicious cirlce".. hmm.. that makes me think.. :/..

[TO BE CON'T.....]